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I haven’t written in a while, I’ve been really busy lately. I got to spend some time with my awesome boyfriend, saw the Winchester house, Santa Cruz, saw Primus! We visited Hollywood and the Museum of Death which I highly recommend. It was great as a makeup up artist to see what different stages of death look like as well as anatomy and how injuries really look not just on tv or film. Plus it was extremely interesting and only 15$ I’ve been working on Chrysalis a feature film about a woman going through a rough period in her life and is on drugs. It’s a great script and cast and all the crew members are wonderful to work with I truly enjoy it. Dean Caine, Eric Roberts, and Meta Golding are signed on as well as many other very talented actors/actresses. I worked on John Skipp’s Rose the Bizzaro Zombie Musical which was a ton of fun there’s the link to a FEARNET article, they are looking at possibly picking it up. And also Skipp’s other project Stay at Home Dad that I might be helping out as well and should be a blast! Other than the projects I’ve just been looking for a paying job or gigs to help support me as an artist. Hopefully I get this doggy daycare job down the street from me it would be a huge help.

Well All check out the projects I’ve been talking about, and also keep and eye out for Visionary by Ben Proulx it was submitted to Sundance and many other festivals.


The Rose trailer is up!

Jason Hemmens - People of the Street

Music video I assisted on


This week has been non stop! And this weekend is about to get better. I had my last day of internship working a wedding assisting, then Tuesday was the Rose shoot all day. I had such a blast but my body is still mad at me for that one. Yesterday I had an interview with Sephora so keep your piggies crossed for me friends :) Today I drive up to see the boy for the weekend. It will be a fun horror filled weekend! The Premier of The Thing prequel on Friday, then the Winchester house haunted night tour on Saturday! So super pumped esp to hang with the boy, I love my work but I do miss Chris :) yay happy dance

I went to Sephora’s “All Dolled Up” Lancome Event today in Hollywood. Parking wasn’t bad only $2 in the lot, no $300 ticket for me this time! Lancome’s new Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara is amazing. It thickens, and lengthens for a false lash look but not too fake. $25 is a little pricey but I would spend that much on Dior Show Mascara any ways. So for a good investment in making your eyes pop I’d say try out Lancome’s new Hypnose Doll Lashes.

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